Media Terror !

Unaccountability of the media and the encouragement from the rulers make a deadly combination.. A mountain made out of a mole hill – goes the adage. But ‘our’ media is a step ahead.. they are making a mount everest out of nothing! And add to this, their own open failures of previous such biased anti-hindu reporting.. has anyone every questioned them on this ?

In an yet another attempt to malign Hinduism, the government is targeting Hindu swamis once again with arrest of Swami Amritanand . We all have seen what a futile attempt  it was in 2004 to taint Hinduism with the arrest of the Shankaracharya and how much the saint was disrespected by the media by calling him Godman and what not (read, “God, goons and lust for money” by Times of India ( and . And finally, what came out of the entire ordeal? nothing against the Saint !. Not only is the case getting weaker and weaker but even the courts were surprised at the way the Holy man was treated by the government.

There are two things happening here. One is the attitude of the government and second is the role played by the media. Its important to distinguish between the two.

Lets look at the way government is handling the Malegaon blasts and how it is handling the multiple blasts in Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. How many times has a muslim clergy been suspcted or questioned regarding any of the blasts ? Isnt it very appalling ? Even though there is incriminating evidence against Muslims ? (whatever happened to the death sentence of Mohammad Afzal who attacked the parliament, was his Imam or mentor ever questioned or was he ever a suspect ?) Why such bias against the Hindus ? Now there are stong voices in the UPA government to not only lift the ban on SIMI but outcast Bajrang Dal !.. What has ‘secularism’ in India come to ?

Do we all know what happened to the blasts in Varanasi in 2006 ? “The Trail dries up” .. Really! this is not a joke, ( . Did the trail really dry up ? or is this a cover up ?

Haven’t the Hindus had enough of this ? Isn’t it time that we put a stop to this nonsense that’s going around ? Don’t we have the responsibility as citizens of a democratic nation to hold the government accountable for its partial behavior ?

And now the role of the the media, particularly Times of India, CNN-Ibn and NDTV for the absolute disrespect they have Hinduism. Saffron-terror, terror-guru and hindu-terror, is this what they come up with in their headlines ? Whatever happened to headline news like ‘Christian aggression’, ‘christian terror’ when Swami Lakshmanand saraswati got killed in his ashram in kandhamal by christian goons ?

Why such bias towards one religion ?

This article is not about supporting violence. The Indian and the international audience should be made aware of the ground reality. We all have a responsibility towards doing this.

This is a call for all like minded people to come together in peaceful protests against the divisive forces.


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