Who’s is it anyways ?

The “Times of India” has always maintained its share of popularity, though it may not command the respect which equals the popularity. The reason is pretty evident in the article listed below. Irresponsible, Igniting communal tension, biased – are not the adjectives that is normally applied to a national daily, leave alone the ‘most widely circulated newspaper’.

We want to know:

On whose orders are these ridiculous articles written? To whom do we acknowledge for providing us with such deep insights ? Why are such drastic steps being taken ?

Dear All,

We want to bring an article published in Friday’s Times of India newspaper to your notice.

The article can be accessed via this link: http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=VE9JQkcvMjAwOC8wOS8xMiNBcjAxMjAx&Mode=HTML&Locale=english-skin-custom

This article is an increasing evidence of the media’s bias while reporting communal violence and demeaning Hinduism. Such articles need to be protested in the strongest possible terms. The crimes against Hindus are overlooked in the name of ‘secularism’, and the violence committed on minorities by a handful get such widespread media attention.

The protest to this article is not an illogical outburst of emotion but a fact based expression of complete discrimination and bias towards the Hindus by TOI and media in general. Being the biggest nation-wide newspaper, the TOI has a great responsibilty of representing all the sections of the community and maintain peace and harmony rather than provoking communal disharmony through such articles.

Consider a few points raised here in this article:

1. The newspaper points out to the attacks on Christian minorities in Kandhamal, Orissa, but Has anyone heard about Swami Lakshmanand Saraswati who was murdered in his own ashram in Orissa by a Christian Mob in the middle of the night, right in Kandhamal ?. Why wasn’t that mentioned?

2. Another point, the article raises about the woes of Christians in Karnataka. How many of us are aware of the outright attack on the Lingayat Community by the Baptist mission, happening in Karnataka for over 10 years ?

3. Talking about Bengal, How many people in the world are more aware of the Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity compared to Sri Ramakrishna Mission’s service activities, which has been going on for more than 100 years, reaching out the neediest people worldwide, without making a point to publicize itself or bring in the communal angle ?

4. About the chattisgarh incident mentioned, how many of us know about the Christian missionaries in Chattisgarh who were arrested for bribing poor Hindus for conversion ? And it was the same Dharma Sena who tipped off the police and caught the missionaries red-handed. Why hasnt this come out to the public ?

While there is a worldwide outburst of violence and anger when a particular communities faith is disrespected, How many of us voiced our displeasure when a Russian Archbishop called Bhagwan Sri Krishna, a Satan ?

Media article are repeatedly inclining to a single sided view of reporting how crimes against Christians are being perpetrated by Hindus, but never the other side of the story.

Very cleverly, Christians are being portrayed as innocent victims who do not provoke, do not mean any harm to anyone, but involved in service activities, but Hindu organizations are being shown are aggressors and criminals (forget about the service aspect of the Hindus)

The youth should be made aware of this media bias and we want to be proactive in eliminating this discrimination. and the mail sent to:

While the government debates the existence of Sri Ram, provides discounts for Haj Yatra, while 40 hectares of land for Amarnath in our own country caused such a backlash, Isnt it time to wake up and take charge of protecting our own faith and values ?


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