The Truth will Triumph

Indians are being today systematically prepared for psychological
enslavement, conceptual capture and are being subtly brain-washed. Hindus are being lulled by denationalisation of their psyche, while Muslims and Christians are being subject to relentless propaganda that they are different and are citizens of India as would be a
shareholder in a company run for profit.

As hindus, we have always been proud of our country, heritage, culture – which is all-accommodating. We have been ruled by others for 1000 yrs, yet we live in peace in with people of all communities/religion.

But what is getting alarming, is the fact that the hindus are being targeted by the negative forces, who are instigating communal tension and creating a propaganda to deface the peace-loving hindu religion.

In 1947, The Indian state formally adopted a peculiar nihilist concept of secularism, which concept anyway was never properly defined or debated in any forum. For example, the concept left vague what an Indian’s connection was with the nation’s Hindu past and legacy.

In the name of secularism, it was taboo for a public servant even to break a coconut or light a oil lamp to inaugurate an official function on the ground that religious symbols must not invade public life. Such orthodoxy was promoted by Jawarharlal Nehru and his Leftist advisers. But then at the same time government took over supervision of temples, legislated on Hindu personal laws, and regulated religious festivals, but kept aloof from the Muslim and the Christian religious affairs.

Thus secularism as a principle was foisted on the Hindus without making them understand why they had to abide by such legislation but not Muslims and Christians.

Electoral politics further confounded the issues arising out of secularism, and hence the Indian society became gradually and increasingly fragmented in outlook and of confused perspective. Hindu
society became divided by caste that became increasingly mutually antagonistic.

In the strongest terms, we want to protest the anti-hindu policies of the govt and the appaling media bias against hindus. Even the most popular media have acted irresponsibly – reporting without verifying facts and giving just one-sided views.


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