Resonse to Sunday Spotlight “The Hindu face of Terror”

In response to

Dear Editor,

This email is in response to the sunday spotlight article, “The Hindu face of Terror”. It was really suprising to see the anti-hindu bias taken by your newspaper. Just by looking at the paper one gets a wrong notion that those people have been proven guilty ! The case is under investigation.  YOU ARE NOT THE ONES TO DECIDE WHO IS GUILTY OR NOT.

The Hindus have been a tolerant community through out.. its the traitors like you people who have let it be ruled by muslims and christians for last 1000 years.You are igniting communal tension and biasing a judicial inquiry and we can sue you for the same.

Have you ever written about the Jamia Milia Islamia Vice Chancellor , who openly supported his terrorist students ?Being proud of one’s religion doesnt make us communal like you !

We are proud hindus who are fighting against the injustice being meted out to hindus. But we also have friends from muslim & christian communities. If 83% of the population’s faith is the basis of a party and you call it communal party

but when the congress favors only Muslims & Christians for their votes & even supports their terrorist activities, that doesn’t become communal for you !

And now, anybody and everybody who ever interacted with the malegaon blasts accused are being blamed for sponsoring “hindu terror” !.This is absolutely Prosposterous. When the entire area of the delhi came in support of the muslim terrorists like Afzal Guru, no one ever dared to accuse them of anything! In fact all those in support of him should have been booked for treason.

The ordinary Hindu who invariably believes that it is his responsibility to coexist with the minority community. By and large the minority community too realises this fact. Nothing else can explain maintenance of law and order across the country consisting of over six lakh villages with a mere hundred thousand police stations.

But the crucial question is, whether our politicians realise the continuous damage they have inflicted on the unity and integrity of the nation by their recklessness ?  Do they realise the consequences of their actions ?

The media is playing hands in glove with the govt in maligning the hindus and you have proved to be irresponsible puppets rather than the responsible watch dogs of the society.

I expected you to condemn  this bias that has been meted out by our government on the majority community.

A newspaper like your’s which was always held in great esteem has fallen tragically to the level of other publicity-hungry, over-aggressively selling national dailies.

You sold your soul and lost your integrity by publishing this article. What a shame.


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