Sri Sri on ‘Revival of Sanathana Dharma’


Gurudev, HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji gave this following talk on 8th Dec, 2008 at Bangalore

For the continued sustainance of Sanathana Dharma in the society, dharmic institutions are a must.


When I was travelling around the country, i realised that, wherever the dharmic institutions & peethas (seats) are present, the dharma has been protected. Where they are not, there has been a decline in the number of temples.

Take Andhra Pradesh for example. Out of 38,000 temples, nearly 28,000 of them have closed down today and just 9 to 10,000 have survived. The main reason for this is – unlike Karnataka, there are very few dharmic institutions there. They are present, but in a very small number.

If our Dharma has to be revived in the society, each one of us has to work towards it.

All these days we thought that – dharma was for an individual and confined it to our homes.
But today, if this individual dharma is not spread at a societal & national level, then it will be disappear.

In Arunachal Pradesh, when I went 10 yrs back, numerous local dharmic institutions were present – which were following Sanathana Dharma. Today, the followers of Sanathana Dharma in Itanagar has reduced to just 20% of their number! Rest have all got converted. Why have they done this? It’s because of the decline in the activity & the eventual disappearance of these dharmic institutions.

If as good citizens we have to give back something to our society, then its possible only through our dharmic and spiritual peethas.

Today, terrorism has pervaded all over the nation. There are various types of terrorism – one is the naxalite/communist ideologies; anti-social elements in the society resorting to violence; And then there is the jehadi.

If this terrorism has to be eliminated, then our dharmic institutions and ashrams have to disseminate more and more spiritual education to the people. There are many dignitaries here who are doing it.

We have to give a new face to our nation.

A leader who is leading our society has to have – ‘dooradarshi’ (visionary), ‘paaradarsi’ (transparent), ‘satya darshi’ (truthful) and ‘samadarshi’ (equanimous). He will be able to lead the society only if these 4 qualities are present in him.

To become such a leader, his right education is the key.

Today, we have to imbibe in the youth of our nation – the strength and valour, in the same way as Lord Krishna kindled it in Arjuna.

If the youth today can stay focussed and not waver in the face of difference of opinions and ideologies;  and if they can maintain their enthusiasm, then they can bring forth our nation’s glory and dharma as a gift to this world.

If every Hindu starts doing satsang, then we can definitely bring about a transformation in our country. Many times, if you ask – how many people have read the Bhagavat Geetha, there will be lot of people who wouldn’t have read it.

Bhagavat Geeta is the foremost literature in our dharma. If you don’t read it even once, then how can you understand our country? We can’t afford to forget our own roots – Vachana Sahitya, Bhagavat Geeta, Ramayana, Mahabharata – they are all the very roots of our country, of our culture.
We should save our roots and nurture them – and fill enthusiasm in the people.

I wish more and more youth walk on this path.


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  1. December 31, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    Dharma is the core component of our culture. If will protect us if it’s protected.As Guruji says,more Dharmic institutions should be set up..Jai Gurudev..

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