Sri Sri Speaks Out on Indian Elections and the Sri Lankan Conflict

“I appeal to the people to take a different attitude this time around” – His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar voices his concern on the utter failure of the incumbent government in protecting the country from Terror Attacks, the criminalization of Indian politics, and the role of India in the Sri Lankan conflict and the subcontinent. The following is a transcript of a TV interview.

Sri Sri: There is untold suffering in Sri Lanka with the Tamils. I mean its unimaginable the amount of problems and suffering they are facing today. So international community has to come to aid these ailing tamilians in Sri Lanka, ofcourse there is a large number of casualities on the the LTTE side as well as the govt side, both sides should stop hostilities, they should come to talk, to talking terms with each other. On one hand there is humanitarian crisis and on another hand, there is environmental problem, pollution that is happening. The amount of arms and ammunition being used in this conflict is so big  that the land and water may need ages to come back to its pure nature.

SriLanka is such a beautiful country, its getting totally destroyed now. And we need to get our acts right. I would say India is partially responsible for what is happening in Sri Lanka. All around India we have problems, there is a circle of fire. And this fire has been created partially by our lack of action or wrong actions.

India will have to take a strong role, strong step, to lead the sub-continent and not be a pussy cat following and feeling helpless and useless with the forces all around us.

Q: But India has been supporting the Sri Lankan govt..

Sri Sri: Indian govt has to have a very clear foreign policy which I dont see its happening right now. And we are not good in negotiations, we are not good in bringing people (together), we are not good in resolving conflicts, and we need to identify these skills and we have all these skills in the country and we need to make best use of them.

Q: What is the Art of Living doing on that?

Sri Sri: Art of Living is willing to anything and everything possible to resolve the conflict. Not only in giving relief work, Art of Living is very much involved in bringing people together and resolving conflicts, whether its ULFA, or any major issue, kashmir or SriLanka, for all these bigger issues we need the support of the govt.

We need the national security advisor talking to us. and we have a national security advisor who refuses to talk to anybody! What can you do with such an attitude from the govt ! So no NGOs can play any constructive role even if they want to do it. So people who are willing to do, who are willing to work to bring people together and the resolve conflict, they simply feel helpless. So we need to change our attitude, we should develop track two diplomacy and we have to involve many NGOs, religious bodies.

Though our country is so religious, we keep religion at arm’s length and use it only when we need it ! When an election comes we use religion because thats so emotional and sentimental to people, at that time we use religion ! Suddenly people start going to temples, you have never gone to temple last 20 years. (Now) Start going to temples and mosques ! Our people should wake up today and they are intelligent. They should wake up and see this nefarious designs of some of the politicians, I wouldnt say everybody.

Criminal elements getting into the politics is not good for the country at all. With money and muscle power elections should not be won.

And I appeal to the people of India, if anybody gives you money and asks you to vote, take the money and dont vote for them.[laughter]. Another thing is Liquor, Liquor is being used like water during elections. We must put a stop, and once again I tell people, do not get into this trap of you being made unconscious and taking advantage of. You know if someone gives you a bottle of liquor and asks you to sign a document giving the rights of your home or your property will you do it ? You won’t ! In the same way be aware, When they come to you with a bottle of liquor and ask for your vote, Vote first and don’t touch the liquor.

Q: Now that the political parties are taking up the issues like terrorism and corruption, what do you have to say on this ?

Sri Sri: Terrorism is an issue. See, America had one 9/11 and thats it, after that there was no terror attack at all in America. In India, in the last one year, there have been 10 terror attacks ! What have we been doing ? What is our home ministry doing ? What is our intelligence doing ? You know the whole machinery break down is because of politicians, not that our bureucracy is not capable of handing it. They are capable.

Politicians should not interfere in national security if they cannot aid and help the national security, you should not be a hinderance to the security forces. This is exactly what has happened, last one year, 10 terror attacks have happened in India and people are not going to sit back as another event, another happening. They have to now wake up and elect proper people, elect people who are intelligent who are capable and not consider caste, religion, or any other issue while electing a person. And I appeal to the people to take a different attitude this time around. Dont vote to somebody because they are your caste, they are not going to provide you security.

Choose a correct person, a person with a clean background, with no criminal background, and who are honest and not corrupt. There are such people just vote for them. There is a sense of apathy, people stop voting, because of this crisis that every party is corrupt, so its better not to vote to anybody, that sense of apathy is even more dangerous.

So I want every single individual voter to exercise their franchise, dont sit back at home, take your friends and go and vote.

Q: After the attack in Mumbai, you had said in a public meeting, that Netas should be equanimous (sam darshi), visionary (dur drishti) and transparent (par darshi), what is that idea mean ? Do you think that Art of Living is looking towards politics ?

Sri Sri: Art of Living will always encourage youth who have a broad vision, who have a long term vision, who treat everyone equally, who has a broader sense of belongingness with everyone. And who are for truth, to come forward. We would encourage them. Not because someone belongs to a caste or religion or province. These politicians are trying to divide the society in all these small narrow idealogies.

I would expect our youth to come forward, and see a progressive country. If India is progressive, it can have an influence in all the neighboring countries, we can replicate that model that every country becomes a safe and co-operative area, the whole South Asia can be a very co-operative zone like Europe. In Europe, its many countries joined together became a European union. In the same way, if all the south asian countries come together, in a sense of co-operation, they can become one of the biggest powers in the world. They can have their voice.

They can eliminate poverty from the continent. The poverty is because of corruption. Poverty is because of lack of sense of belongingness and commitment.

Q: Sri Sri you have given a message to the people, but what about the politicians, what message would you like to give the politicians of India?
Sri Sri: You dont give messages to someone who doesnt take it [laughter].
Love will prevail and hatred will disappear from the planet.



  1. Dinesh said,

    April 9, 2009 at 8:16 pm


    * Do you want a Government of the Christians, by the Christians, and for the Christians?
    Do you want India to be converted into a Christian country as the Pope has ordained?

    (More than 5,000 foreign Christian Missionaries are working round the clock to convert India to Christianity. A total of 7 Billions of dollars of foreign money has been poured in the country in last 5 years. Conversion is the gravest danger that India is facing. Yet, no political party, except BJP, is talking about Conversions.)

    * Do you want Hindus to be totally marginalized in government posts?

    (In 2004 when the UPA govt. was formed the President, Prime Minister, UPA chairperson were non-Hindus. Pseudo-secularists and pseudo-intellectuals hailed it as a triumph of ‘Secularism”. But, it is an ultimate humiliation for Hindus. Can it happen in any Western democracy? Hindus have to ponder over it.)

    * Do you want Christian symbols to be printed on currency notes and coins?

    (The Bharat Mata emblem in the two-rupee coin was replaced by a Cross. Recently, the logo of the Kendria Vidyalaya – i.e. lotus with rising sun – has been replaced by Cross and Crescent. In many government stationeries, the word ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (a Vedic slogan) has been deleted. India is being slowly detached from its Hindu roots paving way of Islamisation and Christianisation.)

    * Do you Know the Real Sonia and her hidden agenda ?

    In the last five years, Sonia (Antonia Maino) Gandhi, the President of Congress Party, and UPA Chairperson, has emerged as a very powerful woman in India. She is a devout Catholic Christian. To the dismay and disenchantment of Hindus, instead of adopting Hinduism after her marriage to Rajiv Gandhi, she / her family allegedly made it a pre-condition of her marriage that Rajiv Gandhi convert to Catholicism. Or at least that her children (Raul aka Rahu Gandhi and Bianca aka Priyanka) be raised as Christians. Why should the Congress party import a lady from Italy? Is there no worthy Indian to head the party? She was a Bar Girl in London. “A Waitress who became the world leader” – This is how The Guardian, London, headlined in 2004. Her academic qualification is next to nothing. She cannot speak a single sentence on her own and she is strutting about on the political platform thanks to media hype. Inspite of marrying into an Indian family she is holding properties in ITALY in her own name.
    At her behest, the so-called secular government had no compunction in declaring a holiday on the death of Pope John Paul II, who is the head of Roman Catholics. ( Did it ever declare a holiday on the death of any of our Shankaracharyas or Dharma Gurus? Leave alone honouring our Saints, the UPA Govt. is trying to book Hindu Sadhus and Sadhvis under manufactured charges of terrorism.
    Australian Missionary, Ms. Gladys Staines (wife of Graham Staines) was honoured with Padma Shree last year. What was her contribution to Bharat? Benny Hinn, a fraudster missionary, boasted that a friend of Sonia Gandhi had helped clear way to make his Bangalore event possible. This confirms Sonia’s support to the evangelical agenda.

    Look at her coterie:Ahmed Patel,Y S Rajsekhar Reddy ( a christian who in ordrer to deceive the gullible Hindus, he maintains a Hindu sounding name – the ‘S’ stands for Samuel ), Mohammad Hamid Ansari. Ahmed Patel, Gulam Nabi Azad , Salman Khurshid and Ambika Soni, a Christian, is Congress’ General Secretary and a powerful member of Sonia’s coterie. Oscar Fernandes is a minister who implements Centre’s policies. Margaret Alva (resigned recently) is in charge of Maharashtra Congress. Congress in Karnataka is virtually A.K. Antony’s domain and Sonia’s secretaries belong to various Christian organisations in India. Walson Thampu, a known anti-Hindu, is the head of NCERT’s (National Council for Educational Research and Training) Educational Committee. A known Hindu-hater, John Dayal, is appointed to the National Integration Committee. Another anti-Hindu and hate-monger, Kancha Elliah, has implicit approval of the Government to plead to UN & US Congress to look into matters related to caste discrimination in India. Either a non hindu is made chief minister otherwise where ever a hindu has been made chief minister ( by compulsion ) a non hindu is appointed as congress in charge of that state to implement the hindu agenda.

    * Do you want your children and grandchildren converted to Christianity by fraud, deceit and bribing? Do you want your daughters to commit suicide when they are forced to convert to Christianity by the Vice Chancellor and other officials of the University?

    (Mrs. Veena Noble Das, V.C. of Padmavati Mahila University in Tirupathi forced the students to convert and some girls committed suicide.) In the last five years 28000 out of total 38000 temples in Andhra Pradesh has been closed where as churches are growing in leaps and bounds.In vijaywada district alone of Andhra Pradesh 1600 churches have got opened in last 5 years. Do you want Andhra Pradesh to turn to Christian Pradesh?

    * Do you want Lord Venkateswara be confined to only TWO HILLS (if Congress comes to power again, they will reissue the G.O. to that effect)Do you want Churches built all over the Tirumala Hills? Already the management of TTD trust has been given to a Christian who is now employing Christians to prepare prasadam, upkeep of deity etc.
    * Do you want Hindu Gods like Lord Krishna depicted in Government text books as thief and womanizer?Do you want the Government of India to submit an affidavit in Supreme Court to declare that Lord Rama is a myth and Ramayana is just a story? Can the Government dare declare that Jesus is a myth?

    Missionaries are hate-mongers too. A Booklet – Satya Darshini – prepared and distributed by Missionaries in Mangalore describes Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh as lecherous. The book says ‘Urvashi – the daughter of Lord Vishnu – is a prostitute. Vashitha is the son of this prostitute. He in turn married his own Mother.’ Naturally, Hindus are furious at these insults to their Gods, sometime leading to violent reaction.


    * Are you waiting for TALIBAN to enter your house ?

    200 (two hundred) years ago Hindus in Kandahar (Afghanistan) were observing the Sanathan Dharm by performing Pooja and singing Bhajans and Kirtans. Today there is no one. There are only Al Qaedas and Talibans, enforcing Shariat law of ‘eye for an eye’, ‘leg for a leg’, etc. The real or only target left for these TALIBAN is our mother India. UPA govt and some of its top people are allowing TALIBAN to infiltrate in India in a big way.

    100 (hundred) years ago, Hindus in Lahore and Karachi (which derives their name from Lav and Kush, the sons of Sri Ram) were observing the Sanathan Dharm by performing Pooja and singing Bhajans and Kirtans. Today there is none. All have vanished into thin air. After the creation of Pakistan in 1947, by dividing our Motherland Bharat, it was named ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ and became an Islamic country. Hindus who formed nearly 24% of Pakistan at the time of partition, have been reduced to less than 1% today.

    50 (fifty) years ago, Hindus in Srinagar (Kashmir) too were observing the Sanathan Dharm by performing Pooja and singing Bhajans and Kirtans. Today no one is left there to do so. All have been chased away, and are living like refugees in Jammu and Delhi.

    Considering the above historical facts, 50 (fifty) years from now, will you (or your son/daughter or grand son/grand daughter) be able to perform Pooja and sing Bhajans and Kirtans? Will our country remain democratic and secular. Will your children have the freedom of thought and expression? Logic says ‘NO’. Social demography also confirms this. Symptoms too point out towards that stark eventuality

    The landscape of Bharat has continuously been shrinking. The world Muslim population is about 130 crores, but there are 57 Islamic countries. The world Christian population is about 200 crores. There are nearly 150 countries where Christianity wields supreme. The world Hindu population is nearly 110 crores. Is there a single country for Hindus?

    Bharat has all along been a de facto Hindu Nation, although it has been ruled by Muslims and Christians for nearly 1000 years. There is no country in the world which, after being enslaved for nearly 1000 years, takes rebirth as one country. Bharat did so, in spite of so much diversity in the name of caste, language, region, etc. This oneness was due to the spiritual and cultural unity of Bharat, which in other words is called Hindutva. Moreover, Spiritualism and Nationalism have always been interlinked in Bharat. For example, in a Pooja, the ‘sankalpa’ begins with “Bharata varshe, Bharata kande, Jambu Dweepe …”, a clear reference to Motherland. India can remain united only on the basis of Hindutva, i.e. Hindu Principles, which encompasses everything humanity stands for. Even today Bharat is a Hindu Nation; otherwise democracy and secularism could not have survived.

    * Do you want Hindu Swamijis, Sanyasins and other Holy Persons to be branded as Hindu Terrorists and subject to utmost cruelty and harassment, just for heinous political gains?

    During the Congress rule in the last five years, the condition of Hindus has gone from bad to worse. The worst form of repression has been unleashed on Hindus. Hindus today feel helpless, rudderless, leaderless and under an invisible asphyxiating hold. Hindu icons have been arrested (Shankaracharya of Kanchi Sri Jayendra Sarasvati), Hindu saints (Swami Laxmananda Saraswati) murdered, Hindu Sadhvis (Pragya Singh) tortured, patriotic Hindus treated like hard-core criminals (Col. Purohit), armed forces weakened and demoralized (Batla House incident), Hindu Dharma vilified and demonized (Ram Sethu), and the minorities pampered at the cost of national security (Afzal Guru).

    The belief of Hindus in Ram Sethu is questioned by the secularists as well as the UPA Govt. But they never dare question the belief of Muslims in Hazratbal Dargarh in Srinagar, where a hair of Mohammed is kept.

    Himalayan efforts are made to break Ram Sethu. Affidavits are filed in the Supreme Court that Sri Ram has nothing to do with Hinduism and Ram Sethu is not sacred. But special efforts are made to save a small masjid, visited hardly by 30 Muslims a day, while expanding the run way of the Kolkata airport. Ultimately the runway was rerouted and the masjid was saved, leading to the demolition of many sky-rise buildings and involving additional expenses of crores of rupees

    * Do you want reservations in education and jobs for Muslims and Christians on the basis of religion?

    Under the “Muslims-First” program initiated by the robot Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, “sites for Haj houses, waiver of loans to the tune of Rs. 500 crore for Muslims in Andhra Pradesh alone, Rs. 140 crore worth scholarships to Muslim boys and girls in Andhra Pradesh, payment of Rs. 200,000 per year for 20,000 Muslims students studying engineering and Rs.. 50,000 per year for several thousand Muslims studying medicine” (Dr. T.H. Chowdhary in Organizer) – even pension to the children of terrorists – have been announced!

    In order to garner the Moslem votes, a staggering sum of Rs. 550 corers has been allocated in the next Five Year Plan for promotion of an Urdu television channel. In this connection, it should be noted that during Islamic rule in India, Tipu Sultan had imposed Urdu on Karnataka Hindus and Nizam of Hyderabad had done the same on Telegu speaking Hindus.

    In a step closer to imposing the Islamic legal system, Sharia, in largely Hindu India, the India’s Human Resources and Development (HRD) Ministry is now all set to treat the madrasa certification as being equivalent to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). All students studying in Madarasa will be given a scholarship 0f Rs 1500 pm by the central Govt. Its high time folks we send all our kids to MADARASA.

    In order to further accelerate the Islamization of India, the Ministry of Home Affairs has instructed the Central Para-military Forces to make certain that 20 percent of their recruitment is made from the Muslim community.

    With a clear view to appease Muslims, the Government of India led by the Congress Party has consistently avoided executing the orders of the Supreme Court to hang Mohammed Afzal Guru, the convicted mastermind of the vicious armed attack on Indian Parliament in December 2001.

    * Do you want your contributions to Hindu Temples spent on Haj for Muslims and for building Churches? Do you want all the Hindu temples destroyed by the state governments through Endowment Act?

    “There are approximately 207,000 Hindu temples in Karnataka with a total income of about 72 crores. Out of these, the government spends merely 6 crores on the upkeep of temples; the rest, though collected from the Hindu devotees, is recklessly spent on Muslim madrasas and Christian churches; a phenomenal Rs 50 crores on madrassas and Rs 10 crores on churches”.

    The government control of Hindu temples in secular India is a blatant violation of religious freedom in the country. In Andhara Pradesh alone, the 85 percent of the temple revenues from The Tirupati Devasthanam – a whopping Rs. 3,100 crores – are transferred into the state exchequer, which then are freely spent on Muslim and Christian causes.

    On encouragement of the local Congress Rajya Sabha member, the converted Christian tribals who recently joined Maoist groups had Swami Lakshmananda Sarasvati and his four disciples murdered in the State of Orissa.

    * Do you agree with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement that Muslims have a first stake in India’s assets? Do you want to live like a Third-class citizen in ‘Secular India’?

    About 3 crore Muslims have illegally infiltrated into India, via West Bengal. The Communist Government of West Bengal, not only cordially welcomes them, but also provides them with Ration Card and ultimately voters card. And such illegal Bangladesh immigrants become their major vote bank.Instead of expelling the Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators, the Congress government’s anti-Hindu stance came to fore when 1,500 Hindu refugees from Bangladesh, now settled in Kendrapara district of Orissa, were issued the Quit India notices!
    By allotting 15% of the 11th 5-year plan to Muslims (who oppose family planning), the UPA government is giving incentive to Muslim population growth. The more children they produce, the more allocation they will get. The PM also had the audacity to say that Muslims should have the first claim on our resources, which is a violation of our constitution which speakes of equality of all.
    The Central Human Resources and Development Minister, Shri Arjun Singh has concluded an agreement with Saudi Arabia under which a few billion dollars will be given to the Islamic universities in India for the purpose of establishing Islamic Centers. This is a very dangerous development. We firmly believe that this ill-conceived move is not only anti-Hindu and anti-India but it also is treacherous activity designed to pull India fast into the vortex of World Pan-Islamic movement.

    The Congress Party government at the Center made a big blunder by repealing the Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA). This action emboldened the Islamic terrorists to ravage and batter with impunity the 20 million people of Mumbai on November 26, 2008, thereby killing over 200 Indian citizens and humiliating the entire nation in front of the whole world. What a disgrace!

    * Do you want great patriots like Bhagat Singh and Veer Savarkar described as “terrorists”? (Bhagat Singh was described as terrorist in UPSC examination) Do you accept “Secular” government honoring painter M.F.Hussain who depicts Hindu Goddesses and Bharat Mata in nude and obscene poses?

    Strangely, the UPA Government has filed an Affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that the fatwas of Maulvis do not interfere in the normal functioning of our laws. And strangely, even our Courts bend over backwards in this sinister design!

    For example – 12 MLAs in the Kerala Assembly took Oath in the name of Allah. A man filed a PIL in the Kerala High Court saying that taking Oath in the name of Allah is unconstitutional. The Kerala High Court overruled the objection. He again went to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court too held that taking Oath in the name of Allah is similar to taking Oath in the name of God, i.e. Allah and God are the same. Now, many Mullahs and Maulvis have declared that they do not recognise ‘God’ and it is only Allah for them.
    Then, as if to sprinkle salt on the wounds of Indians (read Hindus) recovering from the shock of Mumbai massacre, the India’s Minister of State for External Affairs E. Ahmed, a fundamentalist Islamist and the President of Indian Union Muslim League, had the temerity to force India’s Consul General Prabhu Dayal in New York to celebrate the Eid festivity at the Consulate within weeks of the terrible carnage.

    Mumbai Police Commissioner admitted on February 12, 2009 that 14 to 16 Indian Muslims too were involved in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, besides the Pakistani attackers. But UPA government led by the Congress party Chairperson Sonia Gandhi keeps misleading the nation by saying that all jihadists were Pakistanis.

    * Do you accept banning of symbols like tilak on forehead for Hindu soldiers and no such restrictions for Muslim and Christian soldiers? Do you want quota for Muslims and Christians in Armed Forces and Police? Do you approve special budgets and special funding for Muslims?

    While the Foreign Minister Pranab Mookerjee has been exhorting on Pakistan to shut down the terrorist training centers in their country, no drastic steps are taken in our own country – Azam Garh in U.P. and in the State of Kerala – to stop the jihadists from transforming India into a training ground for the home-grown terrorists.
    In India today Sanskrit is communal and Urdu is secular; Mandir is communal, Masjid is secular; Sadhu is communal, Imam is secular; BJP is communal, Muslim League is secular; Dr. Praveen Thogadiya is anti-national, Bhukari is national; Vande Matharam is communal, Allah-O-Akbar is secular; Shriman is communal, Mian is secular; Hinduism is communal, Islam is secular; Hindutva is communal, Jihad is secular; SIMI is secular, Bajrang Dal is communal; and at last, Bharat is communal, Italy is secular!

    According to M.J. Akbar’s article in The Pioneer, when the present Sonia government came to power in year 2004, there were 270 million people in country below the poverty line. The number of the poor people, however, has increased by 55 million, or 20% – a horrifying rise.
    As per the statistics released by Swiss Govt the money or rather BLACK money lying in the swiss bank has increased from 125000 crore to 750000 crores. Whose money is this 28000 indians who are not tourist but keep travelling to Switzerland every month. If this money is brought back whole of the country dept can ve paid 25 times.
    Controller & Auditor General of India 2007 -08 report points out that 51000 crore has been simply missing from the consolidated funds of GOVT of India.
    When we had bomb blast in Mumbai in 2007 next week Govt of India gave 1500 crore to Pakistan in aid for earthquake. 3000 crore has been given to Afganistan Govt to build school, hospital and roads over there. Do We not need school , hospitals and roads in our own country. But the truth is 80% of this money goes in kick back to the minister and the pocket of Sonia Gandhi.

    If you want your children to live in a strong, united and cohesive India, in an atmosphere of peace, tolerance and pluralism, YOU HAVE A DUTY TODAY – to throw this UPA Govt. out – lock, stock and barrel – and vote for Parliamentarians who will bring in a government ensuring to all its citizens (irrespective of caste, creed, colour, language, region and religion) Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, – i.e. Equality of all and appeasement of none. Herein lies your interests and that of Your Progeny and the Nation.

    Sanatan Hindu Dharm is eternal, but our Nation may not, if Hindus sleep like Kumbhakarna.

    Your survival is in your hands !


    Saans lo to DHARMA ke liye….Saans chodo to DESH ke liye……

  2. Som Shrivastava said,

    April 11, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    Let us spread the message. Many people are not participating in voting process and also don’t have even a voter card. All people at least who are in India must get the voter card and MUST not miss to vote keeping Guruji’s message in mind.

  3. nivy said,

    July 19, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    Mr. Dinesh.. are you done with all ur repressed feelings..i think not.. i believe there will b more to come.. congratulations.. u r one of those who believe in war for peace..

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