Jyoti Basu – a Great Indian Leader or a Traitor to the Hindu Nation ?

Of course the following article will not be found in any newspaper or mainstream electronic media.. they are too pseudo secular to stand up for the TRUTH. And more than that, they are all controlled by THE MADAM sitting in New Delhi. All I read in newspapers were praises and more praises in the name of the Holy Basu – its alright to pay homage to a ‘great leader’ but we don’t overlook all the misdeeds done by him… The media has been playing a very biased role in our society and we are not being given truth.

Jyoti Basu, the veteran leader of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) finally passed away at Kolkata on January 17th.  He had been hospitalized with pneumonia and was suffering from multiple diseases. 

Like most Indians, I too express my condolences and sympathy for the bereaved family.  I too pray to God to give them solace and spiritual strength to bear the ultimate loss.

Almost all political leaders who came to pay their homage to Jyoti Basu spoke highly of him.  They praised him knowing fully well that they were only fooling the public.  Their intention in praising the dead leader was merely to stay politically correct.  To better appreciate the strange duplicity of the visiting dignitaries, we need to examine and understand the other side of the Marxist leader. 

The unfortunate reality and the bitter truth is that Jyoti Basu all along was a traitor to the Indian nation.  In year 1962 when China’s military invaded India’s territory, Jyoti Basu made a recklessly alarming public statement saying that since he himself does not see any Chinese soldiers in the City of Kolkata, he would not call China an aggressor and condemn its actions.

Jyoti Basu was indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He had great abhorrence for the Hindu people, who form 85% of the country’s population.  Since the true sympathies of this Marxist leader stayed with the Communist China and he knew that the patriotic Hindu public in India would not go for it, the word “Hindu” itself became an anathema to Jyoti Basu during his entire political career spanning seven decades.

Jyoti Basu merely retained his Hindu name for political expediency.  The sinister purpose was to hoodwink the Hindus and destroy Hindu society from the within.  In order to appease his Muslim vote bank, he even went to the extent of supporting the partition of India and creation of Pakistan at the time of India’s Independence in 1947.

Disingenuousness and mendaciousness were the hallmark of Jyoti Basu’s character.   In 1971, during the Bangladesh uprising against West Pakistan military, when the hundreds of thousands of Hindu girls were being raped and murdered in East Pakistan, this Bengali leader refused to protest over the issue of ethnic cleansing of and monstrous atrocities against the hapless Bangladeshi Hindus. 

Again in 1982, when 16 Anand Margi Sadhus were set ablaze by Jyoti Basu’s Marxist goons in West Bengal, this supposedly great political leader, instead of providing the justice, actually slyly blamed the victims rather than the perpetrators. 

In my experience, Jyoti Basu was the most egotistical anti-Hindu political leader India has ever had.  He was a master charlatan.  While he was the Chief Minister of West Bengal continuously for 23 years, he himself and his family led a lavish life style. But, he expected all other comrades to follow the Communist preaching of simplicity. 

Communism is an alien ideology to the spiritually-oriented Indian public. But, the Indian Communists like Jyoti Basu are not rooted in the Indian traditions and philosophy and have no reverence for the Indian ethos.

Under the guise of land reforms, Jyoti Basu took away land from the Hindus and distributed it to Muslims to keep himself in power.

It is estimated that because of his connivance approximately 50 million illegal Bangladeshi Muslims have entered in India.  His pro-Muslim policies have given fillip to the Islamic terrorist activities all over the country.  As a result of Jyoti Basu’s active support, 8 to 10 districts in West Bengal have turned into the Muslim majority areas.  Jyoti Basu is a known Hindu basher.  This man has done irreparable damage to the Indian polity and country at large.

Jyoti Basu encouraged the construction of Islamic Madrasas with Arab funding in the state. That has changed the demographic composition of the region and created a frightening situation for Hindus. Bengali Hindus have been oppressed, suppressed, persecuted and vandalized under Jyoti Basu.  For them, there was no difference between the direct Islamic rule and the Communist despotism. 

It is recognized now that the Hindus and Buddhists have been ethnically cleansed by Islamists from Bangladesh.   Their population in Bangladesh has gone down from 35% in 1947 to 9-10% now.  In pre-partition Muslim riots in 1946, tens of thousands of Hindus were massacred and thousands of Hindu women raped in the Noakhali region (in Bangladesh).  In Bhola 200 Hindu women were gang-raped by fanatic Muslims.  But Jyoti Basu never condemned the actions of his Islamic supporters.  What a degradation!

According to some newspaper reports, in 1978-79 Jyoti Basu had asked 40,000 Banagladeshi Hindu refugees to settle in Marichjhapi Island of Sunderbans, but later thousands of Bangladeshi Hindus ( probably 30,000)  were killed by his Police in the firings.  Rest of them fled and now Marichihapi Island has become the den of Islamic fundamentalism. 

At the time of Great Kolkata killings in 1946 in which more than 5000 Hindus were brutally murdered in one day by radical Islamists, Jyoti Basu did nothing to help Hindus of Kolkata. 

There are 220 police stations in Kolkata. It is alleged that Jyoti Basu had appointed 100 Muslim officers in-charge of those police precincts to keep Hindus in check. The booth-capturing and scientific-rigging in West Bengal elections were the gifts handed down by Jyoti Basu to the Indian democracy.

The outdated Communist ideology has destroyed jute mill industry and Metal Box industry in West Bengal.  Because of the lack of employment opportunities within the state, most educated Bengalis are now looking for jobs outside of Bengal.  Jyoti Basu destroyed West Bengal economically as well as industrially.

In the next 25 years, it appears, the Kashmir-like situation is likely to arise in West Bengal too.  I hold Jyoti Basu personally responsible for jeopardizing India’s security and integrity in this sensitive region.   


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  1. bghosh said,

    January 29, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    it is strange that the state of West Bengal has been systematically ravaged by the leftists and the scars all clearly visible yet they claim that they have done great service for the upliftment of Bengal and Bengalis. the fact is the Bhadraloke class are more concerned with their personal glories than for the common folks of Bengal. the non-Bhadraloke class have been ignored and marginalised. instead non Bengali Muslims and Hindus from Bihar and UP have been given incentives to settle in govt. lands. Urdu has been recognised as a state language and funds and other resources allocated to propagate Urdu. what about Oriya? it’s spoken by Hindus so cannot be given importance.

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